Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“I was train­ing as a dancer and was per­form­ing for the first time. But when I got on stage, some­one else’s song started play­ing—it was an­other group’s turn! I ran off the stage while the au­di­ence had a good laugh. Luck­ily, I gath­ered the courage to re­turn for my turn.”

— NEENA V., 21

“I had a date with this re­ally hot guy, so I de­cided to wear my thick­est set of falsies. Half­way into the meal, I ac­ci­den­tally itched my left eye and no­ticed my date look­ing at me strangely. It turns out, my fake lashes fell on my plate! Can’t im­age how strange I must have looked to him!” — NAINA J., 24

“I dumped a girl be­cause she didn’t make any noise when she came. I thought it was weird!” —SAMEER S., 28

“Once, my boyfriend and I some­how ended up hav­ing drunken sex in his friend’s liv­ing room. It was in­cred­i­bly sloppy. At one point, I fell down...and saw my boyfriend’s friends watch­ing us in­tently from out­side the win­dow!” —SHREYA D., 23

“Five of my girl­friends and I were plan­ning a weekend trip when one of them mass-texted us about invit­ing along a guy from her of­fice. It both­ered me, so I re­sponded to the group by point­ing out that none of us even liked that guy. No one wrote any­thing back… and that’s when I re­alised the guy was CC’d in the group text. Can’t wait for that plane ride!” — MEGHNA S., 26

“He showed up two hours early to pick me up. He lit­er­ally watched me fin­ish my hair and make-up be­fore we left. Awk­ward.” — NAINA M., 25

He couldn’t be­lieve he’d won a life-size doll at the


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