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The Bawdy Bob­sled

Two words: sex­ual sleigh. Have your man lie down in bed, and slip into re­verse cow­girl. Then have him sit up, set­tle into saucy po­si­tion, let his hands roam over your breasts and cli­toris... and en­joy the ride! It’s not re­ally a race, so vary up the thrust­ing speed from fast and deep to shal­low and slow...un­til the ac­tion ends in a blaze of or­gas­mic glory. 10 out of 10!

The Heav­enly Spi­ral

The Death Spi­ral: a freaky spin where the dude skater throws his part­ner around by the legs. Lie on the bed fac­ing down, with your legs off the side while he stands be­hind you. Then have him en­ter from be­hind while he holds your legs at his sides, with VIP ac­cess to your G-spot. For a dou­ble O, reach down and stroke your cli­toris. All O, no con­cus­sion? And the crowd goes wild.

The Long Pole

In the Cosmo ver­sion, con­tact with poles is strongly en­cour­aged. Keep your legs to­gether (savvy skier style, natch), and lift them straight up in the air. Then have your guy kneel in front of you, and put your legs over one of his shoul­ders as he leans for­ward to hit your G-spot. Ski­ing is a downhill sport, but you’re about to go up, up, and away...

The O-lympic Vil­lage

Lie on your back and po­si­tion your whole body up­wards, as if you were about to do a back­bend. Then have him kneel (and thrust) be­tween your legs. Since your head’s be­low your heart, you’ll have an in­tense head­rush or­gasm. And he gets a vig­or­ous thigh work­out.

Siberian Husky-Style

Hop into Balto (that’s a fa­mous Siberian husky) po­si­tion, and have your guy go for cre­ative-dif­fi­culty points: ask him to stroke your cli­toris while mov­ing his hips in cir­cles in­side you—much more con­ducive to your award-win­ning or­gasm than the stan­dard in-and-out im­pulse.

The Sex-God­dess Ski Jump

Have him push you up against a wall and grab you around the butt. Now leap up into his arms, lock your legs around his waist, hold on to his shoul­ders for lever­age, and get busy. Lit­tle-known New­ton law of mo­tion: up-against-a-wall sex is never not hot.

The Luge of Love

Have him lie flat, then saucily slip your body on top of his, align­ing your heads so both of you are fac­ing the ceil­ing in a lusty luge. Have him thrust slowly in and out of you while you con­trol the speed of your two-per­son sled by lift­ing your hips up and down. Ev­ery­one’s hor­i­zon­tal and get­ting theirs—to­tally ideal if you’re com­peti­tors in the 2014 Lazy Olympics.

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