“I’m a very im­pa­tient per­son...I don’t wait very well.”

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The su­per tal­ented mu­si­cian and ac­tor talks about tak­ing his 20/20 Tour global, his feel­ings on the state of pop—in­clud­ing Mi­ley Cyrus—to­day, the bad habits that have him in trou­ble at home, and his mar­riage to Jes­sica Biel.

COSMO: How has it been work­ing with Jay-Z on the 20/20 Tour and al­bum?

JUSTIN TIM­BER­LAKE: “Work­ing with Jay has been amaz­ing. I ac­tu­ally wanted to do a record with him on Fu­turSex/LoveSounds and he at that time had done a record with Bey­oncé called Déjà-vu. I to­tally re­spected that. I didn’t want to get into any­thing do­mes­tic. It was like, ‘That’s your wife...’”.

C: How do you and Jes­sica get along with Jay-Z and Bey­oncé?

JT: “We get along so well. For all the stuff that sur­rounds them, they are so nor­mal. They’re just good people—my kind of people.”

C: How does your wife re­spond to you per­form­ing sexy songs that make girls scream?

JT: “She gets it. She’s an ac­tor. She plays parts all the time. She plays char­ac­ters for me!” C: You mean in the bed­room?

JT: “That’s none of your busi­ness ( laughs). No, she’s the great­est of all time. We have a lot of fun to­gether and I think that’s the most im­por­tant part. That’s what we’re dis­cov­er­ing, that the most im­por­tant part of be­ing mar­ried is hav­ing fun to­gether. You have to like the per­son—lov­ing and lik­ing...”.

C: Is there noth­ing you two don’t agree on?

JT: “The dish­washer. I don’t empty it. There was a whole thing about how to stack the dish­washer I was to­tally not into. Do­mes­tic­ity can ei­ther bring you to­gether or break you apart!”

C: Is there any­thing else you don’t do well?

JT: “Yes, I’m a very im­pa­tient per­son and I’ve been try­ing to work on that my whole life. I don’t wait very well.”

C: You’ve said how you feel there is not much sub­stance in mu­sic any­more. What do you mean by that?

JT: “I just feel like a lot of it starts to sound the same. I went through a pe­riod of time where I was hear­ing dif­fer­ent singers sing what sounded like the same song, prob­a­bly pro­duced by the same per­son. I don’t know if that feels pro­gres­sive to me.”

C: Do you think other artists will be of­fended by your re­marks?

JT: “No, it doesn’t seem that con­tro­ver­sial of me to say this, but I just think it all did start to sound the same. But I think the last year has been an amaz­ing year for mu­sic. I love Daft Punk’s record. I think there’s a lot of mu­sic out there that feels very pro­gres­sive in dif­fer­ent gen­res as well. But for the first time in my ca­reer, I don’t re­ally con­sider my­self a pop artist. You just go in and try to make mu­sic that you don’t hear on the ra­dio, be­cause I think that’s the only way to move the nee­dle, so to speak...”

C: We see so many for­mer child stars strug­gle with the tran­si­tion to adult­hood. How did you cope with that so well?

JT: “I think it’s a cul­mi­na­tion of things. It’s a false idol-hood that gets put on a young per­son where how much trou­ble you get into is all about how much ac­cess to things you have. Who hasn’t got drunk, stum­bled out of a club and thrown up in the street? The dif­fer­ence is the way we look at cer­tain people—es­pe­cially younger stars—isn’t re­lat­able. Like Mi­ley (Cyrus). She’s just do­ing what young people do, but the dif­fer­ence is she’s on stage. Take it easy on her. She’s a young adult and she can do that. Let her do her thing.”

C: So you like Mi­ley?

JT: “Yeah. I think she’s re­ally smart and I think she’s re­ally tal­ented. I’m not say­ing I agree with ev­ery­thing she does, but I feel like ev­ery 10 to 15 years, we pick some­body that we try to make them the model of who we want our daugh­ter to be or not be.”

C: But how do you stop be­ing old news?

JT: “You just stretch a lot. I like to be around people that have a fresh take on things be­cause I think it keeps you young. I do think it’s a state of mind. I feel like I’ve been very lucky in a sense that a lot of the people that do have an in­ter­est in my mu­sic have grown up with me. There is a dif­fer­ent kind of bond be­tween the artist and some­one who likes your mu­sic. At the end of the day, you do make it for yourself and that’s the most im­por­tant thing. You have to work from a pure place— that’s the best way. That’s what I’ve learned. You just learn that from ex­pe­ri­ence.”

Be­sides mak­ing mu­sic, if there’s one other thing Justin’s good at, it’s look­ing

hot in a suit!

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Justin with his gor­geous wife, and ac­tress, Jes­sica Biel

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