Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“My friend tried to set me up with her friend and showed up at the bar with a group of guys. I for­got which guy she wanted me to talk to, and I ended up hit­ting on the wrong one. The next day, I got an ear­ful from

her, be­cause she spent hours com­fort­ing the guy I was sup­posed

to meet as he felt re­jected.”

— — NITI NITI S, S, 26 26 “Af­ter an in­tense, all-night romp with a guy, I was late

for re­hearsal. I wasn’t al­lowed to dance with my warm-up sleeves on...but I had scratch marks on my arms and back from the night

be­fore! I blamed my cat!”

— AMANDA L, 23 “I was at a bar and try­ing to be nice to a girl, but since English isn’t my

first lan­guage, she thought I was try­ing to touch her butt. I swear I wasn’t! She just walked

away.” — DANIEL H., 29

“On our third date, we were laugh­ing and telling each other

sto­ries at the bar when he leaned in and said, ‘I have to ask you...what’s your name again?’ There was no fourth

date af­ter that!”

—SO­NIA M, 23 “When I was in fifth grade, I would lick gummy bears, let them dry, and then gift them to my crush. It was my way of kiss­ing him! This is one of my deep­est, dark­est se­crets to

this day.”

— MAUSHUMI K, 25 “I went to see a movie with a guy I thought was just a friend...un­til

he tried to hold my hand. I shoved the pop­corn at him and pre­tended I didn’t know he was

try­ing to make a move.”

— NAINA M, 25 “A guy I went to school with asked me

out, and when I got in his car, my year­book photo was on his dash­board. Ei­ther he dug it up or it was al­ways on

dis­play. Ei­ther way, creepy!”

— AKRITI M, 31

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