“I Get Very Awk­ward With Com­pli­ments!”

Cosmo caught up with the fierce and fab­u­lous Deepika Padukone dur­ing her Vogue Eye­wear shoot (she’s their brand am­bas­sador) to talk about suc­cess, at­ten­tion and look­ing this good!

Cosmopolitan (India) - - CONTENTS - By Priyam Chaturvedi

The fierce Deepika Padukone talks to Cosmo about work, deal­ing with at­ten­tion, and be­ing body con­fi­dent.

Cosmo: So what are you do­ing with Vogue Eye­wear? Tell us more about their new cam­paign.

Deepika Padukone: “I’m ex­cited to be the face of Vogue Eye­wear in In­dia, and this is my sec­ond year with the brand. While the first cam­paign fo­cused a lot on style, this one re­volves around how it feels to wear Vogue Eye­wear. There’s a very fem­i­nine vibe to the cam­paign, and it’s very ro­man­tic and el­e­gant in its treat­ment.”

C: Which are your favourite pieces from the range?

DP: “There are so many—I truly be­lieve that a great pair of sun­glasses in­stantly adds edge to what­ever you’re wear­ing. The new collection re­flects dif­fer­ent shades of one’s per­son­al­ity, and I love play­ing with colours and ex­per­i­ment­ing with my look, which is why I like so many dif­fer­ent pieces. But if I had to pick just two, my top choices would be VO2872S, with the lit­tle but­ter­fly de­tail on the tem­ples, and the su­per-chic tor­toise shell frames— VO2864...a pair ev­ery girl should own in her ac­ces­sory closet!”

C: There’s lit­tle doubt...you’re one of the hottest women around! How do you deal with all the at­ten­tion?

DP: “Hon­estly, I don’t think there is any­thing to deal with. I think ap­pre­ci­a­tion in any form is al­ways good, and I don’t re­ally find my­self think­ing about or be­ing aware of any at­ten­tion. Sure, it’s nice when people ap­pre­ci­ate you in what­ever ca­pac­ity, but I’m that per­son who al­ways gets very awk­ward with com­pli­ments.”

C: We think you’re on top of your game right now. What do you think it is that makes Deepika Padukone so suc­cess­ful?

DP: “To be com­pletely truth­ful, I think it’s the work I do that makes me suc­cess­ful. It’s my com­mit­ment to my work, and the fact that I am

ex­tremely pas­sion­ate about what I do. These are more emo­tional fac­tors than tan­gi­ble things that I could point to, and that’s what makes me the per­son I am; not my phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance.”

C: Talk­ing about work, is act­ing some­thing that comes to you nat­u­rally or do you feel the need to pre­pare and work hard on it?

DP: “I think a bit of both! I re­search my roles and un­der­stand the script and dis­cuss any is­sues I have with my di­rec­tor, but I don’t re­hearse my per­for­mance... that’s some­thing I sim­ply can’t do.”

C: Be hon­est, do you wake up each morn­ing look­ing this fab­u­lous?

DP: “I don’t re­ally know if I look that fab­u­lous! The last thing I’d do is wake up in the morn­ing and look at my­self in the mir­ror. But I know that I feel great if I’ve slept enough. That is what gives me the en­ergy to carry on through the day. Other­wise, I rarely look at my­self in the mir­ror!”

C: What is your num­ber-one body con­fi­dence tip?

DP: “You have to feel beau­ti­ful and con­fi­dent about yourself! And I’m not talk­ing about size. I think you can be beau­ti­ful no mat­ter how big or thin or heavy you are, but the en­ergy you carry yourself with is the big­gest trick to be­ing con­fi­dent in your own skin!”

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