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Good sex should make you feel like you’re on fire—but not lit­er­ally. Caro­line, 28, ex­pe­ri­ences burn­ing pain dur­ing sex with most of her part­ners. “It feels like I’m tear­ing” when a guy en­ters her, she laments.


Anx­i­ety, hor­mone im­bal­ances, and in­fec­tions like UTIs can all cause painful sex. Of­ten, though, a lack of lubri­ca­tion is to be blamed, be­cause you’re ei­ther not aroused enough or you’re tak­ing a pre­scrip­tion med that car­ries that side ef­fect (some an­tide­pres­sants and hormonal birth­con­trol pills can do this). A wa­ter­based lube may re­duce fric­tion and tear­ing and ease the ouch. If not, and es­pe­cially if you have bleed­ing (which could sig­nal a cer­vi­cal polyp) or a dis­charge or sores (ei­ther of which might sig­nal an in­fec­tion), it’s time to get thee to a gy­nae­col­o­gist.

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