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“You have col­leagues. Get used to the word,” ad­vises Brzezin­ski. “They’re not your friends. In tough, stress­ful, com­pet­i­tive in­dus­tries, there aren’t that many friends. Get over that.” Cut the chit-chat on Gchat, the midafter­noon cof­fee runs, or the hour-long let’s-bitch-about-our-boss lunch. You’ll be amazed at how much you ac­com­plish in one week. And the best part? You’ll have more time to spend with your real friends. let clut­ter into our brains and it just builds up—and dis­tracts us.” Fo­cus on the fact that while she’s leading the project, you’re still part of the team. Let­ting the re­sent­ment stew in your mind just makes you less able to do your best work. about your work is great. Send an e-mail to your boss about a goal that’s been met or a deal that’s been struck,” she ad­vises. Bring at­ten­tion to yourself and don’t feel un­com­fort­able about it. Out­line goals you’ve ac­com­plished and your boss will think of you when it’s time for a pro­mo­tion.

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