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in­vest in an iron with ce­ramic plates (like these mini irons). “They dis­perse heat more evenly than metal ones,” says Sims. As for tech­nique, cap your clamp­ing time to 10 sec­onds per sec­tion. “start out at 95 de­grees (150, if hair is thick), and if it doesn’t curl or straighten in that time, turn up the tem­per­a­ture 10 de­grees more un­til it works,” says Atkin. “It’s bet­ter to use a higher heat for a shorter time.” IF YOU: Colour­ing your hair will dam­age it (most for­mu­las con­tain de­hy­drat­ing am­mo­nia), but light­en­ing it—us­ing bleach to strip out the pig­ment be­fore ap­ply­ing a toner or colour—dou­bles the dam­age. THE FIX: Use a weekly oil-based deep con­di­tioner to re­plen­ish lost mois­ture. If you pre­fer light hair, try bal­ayage in­stead, or go for hand-painted high­lights that will grow out less no­tice­ably (due to the im­per­fect place­ment), re­duc­ing your sa­lon trips to just two or three a year!

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