Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“At a work din­ner, I ac­ci­den­tally sent a shrimp tail fly­ing over the ta­ble. It bounced off the HR man­ager’s hair and al­most landed in a project man­ager’s lap! I will never or­der shrimp at work meet­ings again.”

— PARIDHI M., 28 “When I’m alone in the el­e­va­tor at work, I break out dancing, no mat­ter what. It’s my big se­cret!”

—SIMRAN K., 25 “I went rock climb­ing for the first time and tried to kick ass at it, con­sid­er­ing the guys stand­ing at the bot­tom were hot! But of course, I lost my grip. Fall­ing down the rock wall was em­bar­rass­ing enough, but land­ing ass first on the cutest in­struc­tor was pretty much the worst.”

— MALVIKA C., 27 “I ran up a 15,000 tab on my friend’s card and for­got to pay it be­fore I left the bar. He still doesn’t know who crashed his tab, and I can’t ever tell him. It’s been too long for him to think it’s funny now.”

— DUSHYANT J., 32 “I bought six-inch heels for a big night out with my boyfriend. I didn’t prac­tice walk­ing in them and was trip­ping all night. I al­most fell into a swim­ming pool and nearly dragged him in with me. It was so em­bar­rass­ing.”

— REEMA D., 23 “I was flirt­ing with a guy at a bon­fire and got too close to the flames. My sleeve and hair caught on fire, and I had to end my flirt­ing abruptly to stop, drop, and roll. Not the kind of flame I wanted to start that night.”

— DEV­INA K., 26

“I was tex­ting a few dif­fer­ent guys and mass-texted them all one night. They replied to the group, so each one got all the other guys’ texts! I tried to play it off like my phone ac­ci­den­tally sent it to a bunch of people, but I was so busted!”— NITYA K., 29

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