Find it hard to keep to a diet? Hate calo­rie count­ing? Follow th­ese easy tips and you’ll shed the ki­los with­out (too much) hard­ship

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If you’re feel­ing peck­ish, reach for a glass of wa­ter first. When you’re thirsty, your body can send out hunger sig­nals, a drink of wa­ter might just dis­pel your hunger pangs.

Im­por­tant tip: ex­er­cis­ing in the morn­ing will boost your metabolism for the rest of the day.

To cut crav­ings, rub the area be­tween your nose and your top lip with your first fin­ger for about a minute.

Eat­ing pro­tein or un­re­fined car­bo­hy­drates pre­vents your blood sugar lev­els spik­ing, then plum­met­ing. You’ll feel full for longer, eat less and lose weight nat­u­rally.

If you say to your­self, ‘I’m not hav­ing choco­late!’, your brain hears, ‘choco­late, choco­late’, and you end up eat­ing more. Al­low your­self a few squares and you’ll be fine.

Ig­nor­ing hunger un­til you are starv­ing causes your body to slow down, as it thinks there is a famine and it must save en­ergy. Then when you do eat, your body stores re­serves and makes you eat ex­tra, just in case there is another famine.

to make sure you’re not get­ting more than you bar­gained for.

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