By Pari­neeti Chopra

Ms Chopra’s tip for a hap­pily-ever-after friend­ship—dis­cuss ev­ery­thing with your bestie, in­clud­ing th­ese pos­si­bly taboo top­ics!

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“It’s al­right to feel bad some days, but if you con­tinue to feel de­pressed, the sit­u­a­tion needs to be ad­dressed. Some­times, you you may not be able to tell your par­ents ev­ery­thing, but you can tell a friend,” says Pari­neeti. Wor­ried that your friend is the one feel­ing low? “The most im­por­tant thing is lis­ten­ing to the per­son, show­ing you care,” agrees Dr Ni­cole Highet, Deputy CEO and psy­chol­o­gist, Be­yond­blue.


“If your bestie gets a job you’ve been eye­ing, or in­tro­duces you to her hot, new boyfriend, while you’re still sin­gle, the right thing to do is to cel­e­brate her suc­cess and talk about your feel­ings,” says Pari­neeti. “Say some­thing like, ‘I’m pleased to see you get­ting ahead, but it makes me think about where I am’,” says Lyn Fletcher, Di­rec­tor of Op­er­a­tions, Re­la­tion­ships Aus­tralia.


Talk­ing cash can be tricky, es­pe­cially in friend­ships. If your friend is broke, be con­sid­er­ate and pick out­ings that you know she can af­ford. If she al­ways ex­pects you to pay the bill, say some­thing like, ‘I just spent a bomb at the den­tist’s, can we split the bill?’ And what if she got a raise and you didn’t? “Don’t be neg­a­tive,” says Pari­neeti. “In­stead, ask her how she did it—it’ll give you tips on what she’s do­ing right and might help you im­prove your own sit­u­a­tion.”


“If you’re strug­gling with body con­fi­dence, your girl­friends are the ones to dis­cuss this with— they’re hon­est and your best crit­ics,” says Pari­neeti. Also dis­cuss this with your gal pals: a new study sug­gests that women’s per­cep­tion of their friends’ body im­age con­cerns in­flu­ences how they feel about their own bod­ies. Which means you’d both be hap­pier if you were less crit­i­cal of your own bod­ies.


“It’s al­ways nice to know what your friends think of your man. They can view your re­la­tion­ship—and guide you—from a neu­tral point of view,” ad­vises Pari­neeti. “It’s also a good idea to in­clude male friends, as they can of­fer a new per­spec­tive.” That said, there are some things you should not dis­cuss with friends—the dirty deets of your fight, your guy’s cash prob­lems, and his per­sonal probs. Fi­nally, when ask­ing for ad­vice, be pre­pared for com­plete hon­esty—that’s the point of a good friend, no?

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