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No man ever got a hardon look­ing at a trail of art­fully strewn rose petals. Re­place the flow­ers with sexy po­laroids of your­self in vary­ing de­grees of un­dress, and leave a trail start­ing at his door. Where they lead him is your call, but make sure it’s a spot that’s com­fort­able to roll around in, be­cause once he gets to the end of this trea­sure trail, things will quickly get X-rated. GUYS ARE VISUAL CREA­TURES—THIS YOU AL­READY KNOW (OH, HI, MULTI­BIL­LION-DOL­LAR PORN IN­DUS­TRY!). BUT WHY WATCH BAD AC­TORS HAVE FAKE SEX WHEN YOU CAN AMP UP THE VI­SU­ALS IN YOUR OWN LIFE AND BOTH GET OFF?


Hop in the shower, start soap­ing up, then holler for your lo­vah to come into the loo. Pull back the shower cur­tain and give him a show—ca­ress­ing your hair, breasts, hot spot (if you have a clear shower cur­tain or glass shower door, even bet­ter). The sight of your wet-and-wild ac­tion should in­spire him to strip, hop in, and get­ting wet will have a whole new mean­ing.


Pic­ture Ryan Gosling’s eight-pack. See, you’re al­ready aroused! Gaz­ing at a naughty visual is a short­cut to get­ting hot, so bust out eye-open­ing moves to get you both off: while rid­ing him, lean way back to give him a full view of your sexy self (and in­crease the depth of pen­e­tra­tion). Glance down at him en­ter­ing you when he’s on top. If you’re used to hazy, eyes-closed sex, this’ll feel like Lasik surgery...for your vag­ina.

‘He was re­laxed. Hence a good time to bring up a trip to the mall.’

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