Jamie Dor­nan:

“I re­ally hope peo­ple don’t hate me after this film!”

Cosmopolitan (India) - - YOU, YOU, YOU -

If you’ve read Fifty Shades Of Grey (and who hasn’t?) you’re prob­a­bly dy­ing for 14th Feb to come (which is when the film re­leases). The sexykinky movie adap­ta­tion stars the soft­spo­ken Jamie Dor­nan, whose life hasn’t been quite the same since he was cho­sen as the lead­ing man. Here, Cosmo talks to the hot­tie be­hind a film that’s pos­si­bly the steami­est one ever to en­joy a global re­lease. done a good enough job and that I am not to­tally hated at the end of it!”

“His world is on his terms. The line from the film, that he ‘ex­er­cises con­trol of all things’, is very true. So it’s fas­ci­nat­ing when Ana comes in and turns things up­side-down, be­cause he’s never been chal­lenged like that be­fore.”

“That we are in­sen­si­tive in­sen­si­tive.””

“I try to be fairly clas­sic. I try to be stylish to a point, to never follow trends—but to be com­fort­able.”

“Some­thing that re­quires very lit­tle ef­fort.”

You guys, Jamie will play CHRISTIAN


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