My guy asked me to use “some teeth” on him dur­ing oral. Um, won’t this hurt him?

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AAh, teeth and penises—mix­ing the two might be tricky, but you got this. Just re­mem­ber there’s a dif­fer­ence be­tween a light, sen­sual graze of your pearly whites and a big old bite. Try “gen­tle nib­bles, us­ing your teeth to tickle his shaft,” sug­gests Amy Levine, Founder of sex-coach­ing com­pany Ig­nite Your Plea­sure. “Prac­tice on your hand and you’ll get a good idea of what would be too much on his very sen­si­tive skin,” she says. Oh, and es­tab­lish a code be­fore you go down­town—have him tap you on the shoul­der if your den­tal adventure crosses the line be­tween plea­sure and pain.

I know nip­ples are sup­posed to get hard when you’re aroused, but I don’t feel much sen­sa­tion in mine un­less I’m cold. Is some­thing wrong with me?

the nip­ple shame! “Some women’s nip­ples are just more sen­si­tive than oth­ers,” says Jen­nifer Wider, MD, au­thor of The Savvy Woman Pa­tient. The hard­en­ing of your nip­ples de­pends on the nerve sen­sa­tion in your breasts, which varies from woman to woman. A rare amount of women re­port nip­ple tin­gling so strong, they can ac­tu­ally or­gasm from it (nip­ple­gasm!), while oth­ers hardly perk up. It’s all good, be­cause your boobs aren’t the only way to get tit­il­lated. “Some women get more aroused when they have their feet or the back of their necks touched,” Wider says. Aren’t our bod­ies the breast! ..........................................................

dat­ing a re­ally great guy, but he kisses like a suc­tion pump. Sug­ges­tions, please!

he’s Chris­tian Grey him­self, you ab­so­lutely have a say. “Men love it when a woman takes charge,” says sex and life coach Eric Amaranth. Sweetly, sex­ily in­tro­duce a new smooching style by slid­ing on top of him and telling him you want to play a lit­tle kiss­ing game. Then take turns French­ing each other quickly, sen­su­ally, hun­grily—what­ever moves

The ceil­ing mir­ror was ter­ri­bly dis­tract­ing

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