Ar­gentina: A coun­try with so­cio-eco­nomic char­ac­ter­is­tics sim­i­lar to In­dia, rolled out three mil­lion PCs to schools as part of its Conec­tar Egual­dad (Rel­e­vance) pro­gram. The govern­ment part­nered with tele­com com­pa­nies to sub­si­dize broad­band costs. This re­sulted in 74 per­cent PC pen­e­tra­tion. 85 per­cent of the teach­ers were trained to use com­put­ers. Brazil: With an ini­tia­tive called PC Conec­tado, set up a budget of $9 bil­lion to sub­si­dize PCs for low-in­come groups and stu­dents. The govern­ment sub­si­dized loan re­pay­ments and of­fered con­sumers the chance to own a PC pay­ing as lit­tle as $20 a month for a pe­riod of 48 months. Brazil had 45 per­cent PC pen­e­tra­tion as of 2012. China: Pro­vided a 13 per­cent re­bate on PC pur­chases by ru­ral Chi­nese and en­abled PC mak­ers to of­fer at­trac­tively-priced note­books and desk­tops by un­der­writ­ing taxes for low-in­come groups. To­day, China has a PC pen­e­tra­tion of 35 per­cent and is ex­pected to cross 50 per­cent by 2015. China has al­ready over­taken the US as the largest PC mar­ket. Malaysia: Sub­si­dized one mil­lion net­books for stu­dents and low in­come group fam­i­lies, and also sub­si­dized projects to set up broad­band in ru­ral ar­eas. The coun­try has also taken steps to pro­mote man­u­fac­tur­ing in the coun­try. It has in­tro­duced full in­come-tax ex­emp­tion for in­di­vid­u­als buy­ing per­sonal com­put­ers up to RM 3,000 (ap­prox­i­mately ` 40,000). To­day, Malaysia has 64 per­cent PC pen­e­tra­tion, and is one of the hottest des­ti­na­tions for global PC man­u­fac­tur­ing. South Africa: Of­fered a sup­port of SAR 130 to teach­ers for re­pay­ment of loans on PCs pur­chased from an ac­cred­ited list of sup­pli­ers. In this way PC pen­e­tra­tion grew from the low sin­gledig­its to 19 per­cent in three years. Viet­nam: A coun­try that was rav­aged by war for most of the sec­ond half of the 20th century, and where 80 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion de­pends on agri­cul­ture, to­day has 12 per­cent PC pen­e­tra­tion which is more than that of In­dia. This was the re­sult of govern­ment-sub­si­dized broad­band con­nec­tions and soft­ware which re­duced the TCO of a PC by 50 per­cent.

China pro­vided a 13 per­cent re­bate on PC pur­chases by ru­ral Chi­nese and en­abled OEMs to of­fer af­ford­able PCs by un­der­writ­ing taxes for low-in­come groups

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