4Vs of dis­tri­bu­tion


I read the ar­ti­cle by Ashok Pamidi on how dis­trib­u­tors need to trans­form them­selves in a cloud-driven ser­vices-ori­ented world. He beau­ti­fully ar­tic­u­lated the 3Vs of dis­tri­bu­tion— ve­loc­ity, vari­ance and vol­ume. I would like to add an­other V to the equa­tion and that is— vis­i­bil­ity.

In a cloud world, there is no prod­uct to sell, it is a con­cept which needs to be ar­tic­u­lated based on the value it de­liv­ers. In here dis­trib­u­tors will need to cre­ate vis­i­bil­ity for new types of so­lu­tions and ser­vices among part­ners and cus­tomers alike in larger ge­ogra­phies and mar­kets. Sasikanth Ra­makr­ish­nan Chen­nai

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