Ep­son aims R 1,000 crore topline in 2014


To achieve its tar­get of ` 1,000 crore in rev­enue in 2014, Ep­son has adopted a two-pronged strat­egy com­pris­ing a re­vamped part­ner pro­gram and a sub-cat­e­gory for its pro­jec­tor port­fo­lio.

“We are con­fi­dent that the new strat­egy will help us to achieve ` 1,000 crore in 2014. We clocked ` 820 crore in rev­enue in 2013 com­pared to ` 700 crore in 2012,” said N Sam­bamoor­thy, Di­rec­tor, Sales & Mar­ket­ing, Ep­son In­dia.

While Ep­son’s commercial busi­ness com­pris­ing high-lu­men and home the­ater pro­jec­tors, inkjet print­ers, scan­ners, POS print­ers and large for­mat print­ers con­trib­uted 55 per­cent of its over­all rev­enue, the con­sumer busi­ness com­pris­ing its sin­gle and multi-func­tion inkjet print­ers and en­try-level pro­jec­tors con­trib­uted the re­main­ing 45 per­cent.

Speak­ing about the re­vamped part­ner pro­gram, he said that glob­ally Ep­son has merged its nSo­lu­tion and nDi­men­sion part­ner pro­grams un­der Ep­son En­vi­sion which brings re­tail and so­lu­tions part­ners on a sin­gle plat­form.

The move is aimed at repo­si­tion­ing Ep­son from be­ing a prod­uct com­pany to be­ing a so­lu­tions com­pany. “We have a vast port­fo­lio of prod­ucts across print­ers, pro­jec­tors, POS and life­style prod­ucts,” noted Sam­bamoor­thy. “The new En­vi­sion al­lows part­ners to show­case our en­tire range to cus­tomers. While it re­tains key fea­tures of the old pro­grams such as part­ner prof­itabil­ity, lead gen­er­a­tion and mar­ket­ing sup­port, we have added new el­e­ments that in­cen­tivize part­ners for cross-and deep-sell­ing with greater em­pha­sis on train­ing and cer­ti­fi­ca­tion.”

In or­der to tran­si­tion part­ners to the new pro­gram, Ep­son has launched a 20-city cam­paign

“We have merged the nSo­lu­tion and nDi­men­sion pro­grams un­der En­vi­sion, which brings re­tail and so­lu­tions part­ners on a sin­gle plat­form” N SAM­BAMOOR­THY Di­rec­tor, Sales & Mar­ket­ing Ep­son In­dia

to ed­u­cate part­ners about its so­lu­tions-cen­tric fo­cus and the ben­e­fits of En­vi­sion. “Over the next six months we plan to tran­si­tion 300 part­ners to the new pro­gram,” he dis­closed.

The ven­dor is count­ing on its pro­jec­tor busi­ness to bring in the max­i­mum growth in 2014. In­formed Sam­bamoor­thy, “Last July we di­vided our pro­jec­tor port­fo­lio in two—home the­aters, which are bought by home users, and high-lu­men pro­jec­tors which are used in the cor­po­rate and ed­u­ca­tion seg­ments. This strat­egy worked well for us.”

En­vis­ag­ing grow­ing de­mand in each pro­jec­tor cat­e­gory, Ep­son is plan­ning to in­crease the num­ber of Pro AV part­ners sell­ing high­lu­men pro­jec­tors from the cur­rent 50 to 70 in the next six months, and home the­ater so­lu­tion part­ners from 70 to 125.

In print­ers, while the over­all mar­ket was sub­dued, Ep­son grew faster than the mar­ket and is ex­pect­ing to sus­tain growth in the new fis­cal. “The in­tro­duc­tion of new SKUs in ther­mal and POS print­ers, and the re­fresh of our tra­di­tional print­ers is help­ing us grow. Ven­tur­ing into the new do­mains of dig­i­tal sig­nage print­ing, CAD print­ing and tex­tile print­ing will also hold us in good stead,” Sam­bamoor­thy said.

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