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Bro­cade In­dia plans to al­ter its SAN tech­nol­ogy specialist im­age to that of a per­for­mance and tech­nol­ogy leader in data cen­ter (DC) and en­ter­prise net­works. It plans to go to town with its VCS Eth­er­net fab­ric tech­nol­ogy, pitch­ing it as the ideal so­lu­tion for net­work back­bones for highly vir­tu­al­ized work­loads.

Though 70 per­cent of its busi­ness still comes from SAN, Bro­cade sees a larger role for chan­nels for its net­work prod­uct line. Said Edgar Dias, Coun­try Man­ager, Bro­cade In­dia, “Our VCS fab­ric tech­nol­ogy is tar­geted at DCs and cloud ser­vice providers which need to en­sure low la­tency and at the same time as­sure high per­for­mance and sim­plify au­to­ma­tion.”

VCS Fab­ric is meant to in­crease net­work au­to­ma­tion by au­to­mat­i­cally de­tect­ing de­vices like servers and switches and pro­vid­ing a cen­tral­ized sys­tem that lets users man­age groups of switches as a sin­gle layer-2 switch.

Ex­plained Dias, “With our VCS Fab­ric, for a DC man­ager, the en­tire net­work ap­pears as a sin­gle layer-2 switch of up to 8,000 10G ports. In the age of vir­tu­al­ized loads, our vir­tu­al­ized net­work en­sures la­tency which is as low as 500 nanosec­onds while the com­pe­ti­tion is still strug­gling to of­fer sub-mil­lisec­ond la­tency.”

Bro­cade cur­rently has 40 part­ners in In­dia, and is on the look­out for more part­ners es­pe­cially from class A cities out­side the top met­ros. Ac­cord­ing to Dias, many Cisco part­ners have be­come Bro­cade part­ners. “It is very easy for them to build so­lu­tions around Bro­cade as our man­age­ment in­ter­face and com­mand line in­ter­face is 98 per­cent com­pat­i­ble with Cisco tech­nol­ogy,” he opined.

Bro­cade is also ag­gres­sively push­ing its open source Vy­atta net­work OS through a sub­scrip­tion model. The Vy­atta NOS can be used to con­vert a vir­tual ma­chine into a router, VPN server or fire­wall. While the NOS will be of­fered free, sup­port and man­age­ment fea­tures are paid for.


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