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In­ter­est­ingly, the kinds of ques­tions have changed from time to time, quite un­der­stand­ably. Af­ter all, the ques­tions re­flect the in­for­ma­tion needs at dif­fer­ent points in time across the wide cross sec­tion of peo­ple who ask these. Years ago, it started with ques­tions like: should my daugh­ter go to Aptech or NIIT, are salaries at TCS too low, should I buy a branded PC, which com­pa­nies of­fer the best chances to go on­site in the US, and such.

Few years later it changed to more evolved ones such as: is this dot­com boom for real, should I take up Java or Or­a­cle, how do I join a dot­com, how do I shift out of dot­com for a good IT job in a sta­ble IT com­pany that sends peo­ple to Amer­ica, etc. Then came ques­tions such as these: how do I mar­ket my mo­bile app, how do I shift from data­base man­age­ment to an­a­lyt­ics and big data, how do I get to join Google or Face­book, etc.

Last year, the ques­tions turned to: is cloud the fu­ture, is it right for my son to shift from IBM to a taxi com­pany like Uber, are all the big com­pa­nies like IBM/ HP/ Or­a­cle go­ing to shut down be­cause they are not grow­ing and they are lay­ing off peo­ple, how do I get $10M fund­ing to launch my bril­liant game-chang­ing start-up idea in food re­tail, how do I es­tab­lish that my com­pany is the best at dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion, how do I quickly learn and mas­ter dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing. 6 Here’s the lat­est set of ques­tions I have been asked in the past few days: A re­cent ar­ti­cle in Bloomberg said that the In­dian soft­ware in­dus­try is dead. Is it for real? What will hap­pen to In­dia’s IT in­dus­try if Don­ald Trump be­comes the next Pres­i­dent of USA? Com­pa­nies no longer need as many hu­man be­ings to do the job. Are we go­ing to lose our jobs to ro­bots? How will the Tata group- Cyrus Mistry cri­sis af­fect TCS? I note that the na­ture of ques­tions has changed; they have be­come more thought-pro­vok­ing and chal­leng­ing. An­swer­ing these ques­tions have al­ways been tough and some­times im­pos­si­ble. But these ques­tions help in know­ing what’s on the minds of peo­ple. And they are in­ter­est­ing, en­gag­ing, and stim­u­lat­ing. Ed Nair Edi­tor-at-large

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