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In­dia aims at elim­i­nat­ing TB by 2025, which means bring­ing down in­ci­dence to less than one case per lakh pop­u­la­tion. The cur­rent in­ci­dence in In­dia is 211 cases per lakh, ac­cord­ing to the WHO re­port.

The WHO TB re­port 2017 fur­ther es­ti­mates that 1,47,000 pa­tients in In­dia were grap­pling with Mul­tidrug re­sis­tant TB - that in which the first line drugs of Ri­fam­pacin, Iso­ni­azid, Etham­b­u­tol and Pyraz­i­namide do not work. How­ever, the In­dian gov­ern­ment has records of only 37,258 MDR-TB pa­tients, which means that over a lakh drug-re­sis­tant pa­tients are go­ing un­treated.

Ten coun­tries in­clud­ing In­dia ac­counted for 75 per cent of the in­ci­dence-treat­ment en­rol­ment gap for dru­gre­sis­tant TB. In­dia and China ac­counted for 39 per cent of the global gap, says the re­port.

De­spite the Na­tional Strate­gic Plan of In­dia aim­ing to make Bedaquiline, a drug used to treat MDR-TB avail­able at 140 sites, it is cur­rently given to only a hand­ful, only 728 peo­ple in all of In­dia, in six sites are re­ceiv­ing the life-sav­ing drug. The gap in avail­abil­ity of the drug to needy pa­tients is huge.

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