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Mounds of waste lit­ter the streets within the res­i­den­tial quar­ters of Cen­tral Public Works Depart­ment (CPWD) at Minto Road Com­plex. The garbage is not col­lected for days from the re­cep­ta­cle sit­u­ated along the colony park, which has the sep­a­rat­ing wall bro­ken and un­bear­able stink em­a­nat­ing from it. Also, it poses a se­ri­ous health haz­ard to over a hun­dred res­i­dents, in­clud­ing chil­dren and the el­derly, who visit the park or use the pas­sage on any given day. The lit­ter is lifted across streets by stray an­i­mals, ea­gles and other birds prey­ing upon the garbage dump. Stray an­i­mals, hov­er­ing around the dump, hound the morn­ing walk­ers also. Re­peated re­quests to the con­cerned depart­ment have not yielded any re­sults, as they claimed that the con­trac­tors do not lift it be­cause of a pay­ment is­sue.

Ashish Pandey

Garbage, within the res­i­den­tial quar­ters of CPWD,poses a se­ri­ous health haz­ard to many res­i­dents.

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