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( Clock­wise) Fawad Khan, Mawra Ho­cane, Mahira Khan, Atif As­lam, Ghu­lam Ali, Ra­hat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Za­far ver since the Uri at­tack on the In­dian Army, there has been a de­bate about whether Pak­istani artistes should be banned from In­dia. If In­dia de­cides to cut all ties with Pak­istan, then it is jus­ti­fied. Close the bor­der, stop be­ing part of in­ter­na­tional events Pak­istan is part of, and stop all im­port- ex­port with the neigh­bour­ing coun­try. Why just im­pose a ban on ac­tors and mu­si­cians? We spoke to a few select voices on the mat­ter and this is what they had to say...

‘ W We need to first com­bat ter­ror’

Spokesper­sonSp of the Bharatiya Janta Par­tyPa ( BJP) WeW should not get artistes in­volved in this.tht Re­la­tion­ships with Pak­istan have de­te­ri­o­rated­ded to such an ex­tent that there is a movem now to de­clare Pak­istan a ter­ror state on an in­ter­na­tional level. Given the cur­rent cri­sis,cr I don’t think we can have Pak­istani artis­te­sara com­ing here. But the artistes from Pak­istan,PaP who have le­git­i­mate visas and work per­mits, should not feel threat­ened by any po­lit­i­cal party. The MNS or any po­lit­i­cal party sug­gest­ing that the Pak­istani artis­tesa leave in 48 hours has no le­gal ba­sis. My mis­ap­pre­hen­sion about the MNS’ en­thu­si­as­tic call to oust Pak­istani artistes is that, at a time when the coast guard, the navy and ev­ery other gov­ern­ment body is fight­ing to keep Mumbai safe from ter­ror­ists, the MNS is tar­get­ing Pak­istani artistes. We need to first com­bat ter­ror and then look into mat­ters such as th­ese. Re­mov­ing Pak­istani artistes does not solve prob­lems be­tween In­dia and Pak­istan. My ques­tion to the MNS: If you feel so strongly about the pro­tec­tion of the na­tion, first go catch the ter­ror­ists, you are only try­ing to show your might and clout by tar­get­ing soft targets. This is noth­ing but a pub­lic­ity gim­mick. But in fu­ture, the gov­ern­ment is not go­ing to be as cor­dial to Pak­istani artistes as they’ve been so far.

‘ Start ad­dress­ing the real prob­lem’

Film­maker If we really want to do some­thing about Uri we must all go all out into the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity and make sure that Pak­istan is de­clared a ter­ror­ist state. Stop mak­ing in­signif­i­cant protest moves and start ad­dress­ing the real prob­lem.

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