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Flavoured green tea

Enough has been said about the ben­e­fits of green tea in print, on the in­ter­net and through word of mouth. So we won’t do it again. And why just stick to plain green tea when it’s avail­able in so many dif­fer­ent flavours — mint, jas­mine, lemon, gin­ger, tulsi or com­bi­na­tions of two flavours.

Wheat­grass juice

It’s an ac­cept­able prac­tice to start your day with a cup of cof­fee. But it’s a mat­ter of con­cern when you raid the cof­fee ma­chine at work too many times a day. The amount of caf­feine and su­gar that you con­sume guz­zling mul­ti­ple cups of cof­fee ( we know only a few of you drink it without su­gar) will sooner or later back­fire at you. So here’s a list of healthy al­ter­na­tives you can try. This is said to be a nat­u­ral en­er­giser and a liq­uid shot of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, and is one of the most nour­ish­ing juices one can have. It’s eas­ily di­gestible and quick as­sim­i­lat­ing property makes a nat­u­ral en­ergy sup­ple­ment.

Matcha green tea

For those of you, who aren’t ex­cited about switch­ing to plain ol’ green tea, matcha green tea its a po­tent ver­sion. It con­tains al­most double the amount of an­tiox­i­dants, mak­ing it a great de­tox­i­fy­ing agent and en­ergy booster. Al­most double the amount of health ben­e­fits of that of green tea.

Gin­seng tea

This tea is de­rived from the gin­seng root and it might be a lit­tle bitter in taste, so you could add a bit of honey. Gin­seng tea is said to help lose weight, en­hance con­cen­tra­tion and re­duces fa­tigue.

Lemon and mint wa­ter

Cof­fee tends to give a boost of en­ergy but its ef­fects wear off in a few hours and can leave you slug­gish. Here’s a light, healthy and re­fresh­ing drink — squeeze some lime juice to a jar of chilled wa­ter, add some crushed mint leaves, add a few slices of or­ange if avail­able, and stir. Voila! Your drink is ready.

Mush­room tea

If you are a mush­room lover, why limit your­self only to soups, pas­tas, risot­tos and piz­zas? Why not have mush­room tea as well? Flat reishi mush­rooms are a sta­ple in tra­di­tional Chi­nese medicines.

Co­conut wa­ter

This is one of health­i­est drinks one can have con­tain­ing nu­mer­ous health ben­e­fits. Drink it be­cause it is nat­u­rally sweet, it has bioac­tive en­zymes and is abun­dant in re­hy­drat­ing elec­trolytes, mak­ing it a great re­place­ment for sug­ary drinks.

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