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Pre­sented in 2013, Fenix NTMTM has been a mar­ket­ing suc­cess thanks to the su­pe­rior tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics rep­re­sented by a ma­te­rial whose ex­te­rior is achieved with the aid of nan­otech­nol­ogy and is char­ac­terised by a sur­face treated with new­gen­er­a­tion acrylic resins, hard­ened and fixed via a process of Elec­tron Beam Cur­ing. Four years on, Arpa Industriale pre­sented at Cologne for In­terzum 2017, a new ma­te­rial that goes to ex­tend the brand’s range: Fenix NTATM. The re­sult of years of re­search and in­vest­ment in R&D, equiv­a­lent to about 4% of their turnover, Fenix NTATM is an in­no­va­tive metal sur­face that of­fers state-of-theart tech­no­log­i­cal per­for­mance thanks to its spe­cial sur­face char­ac­ter­is­tics. Re­sis­tant, anti-fin­ger­print, soft­touch, Fenix NTATM is char­ac­terised by its low re­flec­tiv­ity and very matt sur­face that re­gen­er­ates it­self thanks to the thermo-re­pairabil­ity for mi­cro-scratches. It is re­sis­tant to abra­sion and dry heat, sol­vents and acid reagents in do­mes­tic use, and pos­sesses ex­tra­or­di­nary an­tibac­te­rial qual­i­ties. What’s more, from an aes­thetic point of view, the metal­lic com­po­nent makes it an el­e­gant ma­te­rial that brings a dis­tinc­tive feel to small and large in­te­rior de­sign projects. Above: left, Fenix NTATM; right Fenix NTMTM.

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