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Ban the use of an­tibi­otics for growth pro­mo­tion and mass dis­ease pre­ven­tion. It should only be used to cure the sick based on pre­scrip­tion of vet­eri­nar­i­ans

An­tibi­otics should not be al­lowed in feed and feed sup­ple­ment. The gov­ern­ment should set stan­dards for an­i­mal feed, reg­u­late the busi­ness

An­tibi­otics that are crit­i­cal for hu­mans should not be al­lowed for use in an­i­mals

En­cour­age devel­op­ment, pro­duc­tion and use of al­ter­na­tive an­tibi­otic-free growth pro­mot­ers, such as herbal sup­ple­ments

En­sure that a li­censed an­tibi­otic reaches to a reg­is­tered user through a reg­is­tered dis­trib­u­tor or stock­ist of ve­teri­nary medicines. All an­i­mal an­tibi­otics should be trace­able from manufacturing site to user. Im­ple­ment strin­gent con­trol on im­port of an­tibi­otics and feed sup­ple­ments

Good farm man­age­ment prac­tices should be fol­lowed to con­trol in­fec­tion and stress among the flock. Biose­cu­rity guide­lines of the Cen­tral Poul­try Devel­op­ment Or­gan­i­sa­tion should be im­proved and ap­plied to all farms. Ca­pac­ity of small farm­ers must be en­hanced so that they can com­ply with the guide­lines. The guide­lines should be legally en­forced on big com­pa­nies

Pro­mote vac­ci­na­tions against bac­te­rial dis­eases

Set pol­lu­tion stan­dards and in­stall pol­lu­tion con­trol sys­tems to limit trans­fer of re­sis­tant bac­te­ria, an­tibi­otics from poul­try to en­vi­ron­ment

Vet­eri­nar­i­ans should be trained and ed­u­cated on ju­di­cious use of an­tibi­otics and in­fec­tion pre­ven­tion. The gov­ern­ment should en­sure that vet­eri­nar­i­ans do not get in­cen­tives for pre­scrib­ing more an­tibi­otics

There is a need to in­tro­duce a la­belling sys­tem wherein poul­try raised with­out use of an­tibi­otics should be la­belled through re­li­able cer­ti­fied schemes to fa­cil­i­tate con­sumer choice. Poul­try pro­duced with an­tibi­otics must also be la­belled ac­cord­ingly. This would in­cen­tivise the farmer who can charge a pre­mium and pro­vide con­sumer with a healthy choice

Lack of data on the use of an­tibi­otics and drug re­sis­tance is a ma­jor prob­lem in In­dia. It is nec­es­sary to cre­ate an in­te­grated sur­veil­lance sys­tem to mon­i­tor an­tibi­otics use and an­tibi­otics re­sis­tance trends in hu­mans, an­i­mals and food chain. A na­tional-level data­base should be de­vel­oped and kept in the public do­main.

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