Ra­di­a­tion de­tec­tor

A por­ta­ble de­vice to de­tect nu­clear ra­di­a­tions could soon be avail­able for less than $150

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ASMALL, POR­TA­BLE and in­ex­pen­sive de­vice to de­tect nu­clear ra­di­a­tion has been cre­ated for public use. The de­vice was de­vel­oped fol­low­ing the nu­clear accident in Fukushima in 2011 as peo­ple in Ja­pan were un­sure of ra­di­a­tion lev­els in their homes, food, wa­ter and en­vi­ron­ment. The in­stru­ment is a gamma ray spec­trom­e­ter and can also mea­sure ra­di­a­tions other than nu­clear which ev­ery­one is ex­posed to in day-to-day life. The de­vice can even give in­for­ma­tion about the in­ten­sity of the ra­di­a­tion and iden­tify the type of ra­dionu­clide (atom with un­sta­ble nu­cleus) emit­ting it. It can also tell if the ra­di­a­tion lev­els are dan­ger­ous. The ra­di­a­tion de­tec­tor is not yet com­mer­cially avail­able, but is ex­pected to be priced at less than $150. Nu­clear In­stru­ments and Meth­ods in Physics Re­search, Novem­ber 1


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