Gul­gula prasad

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500 gm of whole wheat flour ( atta) 700 ml of but­ter­milk 300 gm of jag­gery (pow­dered) or raw sugar Ghee for deep fry­ing


Mix the atta and the but­ter­milk to make a thick bat­ter and let it rest through the day or till the bat­ter starts froth­ing. Mix jag­gery or raw sugar to the bat­ter and mix well. Add fen­nel seeds to this bat­ter and mix. Heat ghee and drop spoon­fuls of the bat­ter into it. Let three-four small

gul­gu­las fry in the hot ghee at a time. Turn the gul­gula over once it browns on one side and let it cook prop­erly on the other side too. Th­ese look like crisp brown sweet frit­ters and taste re­ally good fresh or a day old.

The gul­gu­las are made around even­ing, are of­fered to God and then kept overnight be­fore they are had as prasad the next day. A very dis­tinct sweet and sour taste is char­ac­ter­is­tic of gul­gu­las.

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