Once upon a time, Ganga was clean

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This is with ref­er­ence to "Can we save Ganga?" (July 16-31, 2014). When I was a stu­dent at the Univer­sity of Roor­kee (now IIT) in the 1980s, I used to go to the Ganga canal in the evenings with friends and sit on the banks, dip­ping our feet in the sparkling clean wa­ters. The wa­ter used to be cold even dur­ing sum­mer. Lo­cal peo­ple be­lieved that the wa­ter of the Ganga could cure skin dis­eases. I re­mem­ber peo­ple low­er­ing milk cans into the river with a rope and keep­ing them dipped in the wa­ters overnight. The wa­ter was so cold that it was used to re­frig­er­ate and pre­serve the milk. This was once upon a time. The Ganga to­day has been re­duced to filth, thanks to in­sen­si­tive peo­ple and pol­lut­ing in­dus­tries. What was once a de­light to look at has now turned an eye­sore.


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