Found­ing an Em­pire on In­dia's North-East­ern Fron­tiers 17901840: Cli­mate, Com­merce, Polity

by Gun­nel Ced­erl f OUP; ` 895

Down to Earth - - REVIEW -

THIS STUDY ex­plores the unset­tled half­cen­tury from the 1790s to the 1830s when the Bri­tish East In­dia Com­pany, in its at­tempt to con­trol com­mer­cial trade routes con­nect­ing In­dia, Burma and China, tried to stamp its supremacy over the coun­try's north-east­ern fron­tiers. The book tries to ex­plain how ecol­ogy was both an en­abling and con­strain­ing fac­tor in this en­deav­our.

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