To eat or not to eat

Down to Earth - - LETTERS - K D BHARD­WAJ

"Hatch­ing su­per­bugs" (Au­gust 1-15, 2014) raised the im­por­tant is­sue of an­tibi­otics found in poul­try. How­ever, I would call the ar­ti­cle a half-cooked chicken be­cause it missed a few im­por­tant points: were the sam­ples taken of raw chicken or cooked chicken? If the sam­ples were of raw chicken, why were sam­ples of cooked chicken not taken for com­par­i­son? Were all the sam­ples of chicken from In­dian poul­try? If yes, why were sam­ples of im­ported chicken not con­sid­ered? Based on in­com­plete anal­y­sis and cos­metic re­search, it would not be wise to la­bel gov­ern­ment guide­lines weak and in­con­se­quen­tial.


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