Grow­ing or­gans, in­ter­nally

A fully func­tional thy­mus has been grown inside a mouse for the first time

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AW­HOLE FUNC­TIONAL or­gan has been suc­cess­fully grown inside an an­i­mal for the first time. Thy­mus, an or­gan found near the heart, pro­duces T-cells which help fight in­fec­tions and are cru­cial to the im­mune sys­tem. The or­gan was grown from scratch through ge­net­i­cally re­pro­grammed mouse em­bryo cells which were in­jected in mice. The cells, mixed with other support-role cells, de­vel­oped into a fully func­tional thy­mus. The re­search is of im­mense value in the field of re­gen­er­a­tive medicine. It also of­fers hope to peo­ple born with­out a thy­mus. The tech­nol­ogy, how­ever, is yet not ma­ture enough to be used on hu­mans. Na­ture Cell Bi­ol­ogy, Au­gust 24 (on­line)

Thy­mus pro­duces cells nec­es­sary to fight in­fec­tions

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