Un­will­ing states

For­est de­part­ments have al­ways re­sisted no­ti­fi­ca­tion of vil­lage forests

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First for­est law en­acted. It pro­vides for three types of forests: re­served, pro­tected and vil­lage. The pro­vi­sion for vil­lage forests never im­ple­mented


The In­dian For­est Act (IFA), which re­tains the pro­vi­sion for the three kinds of forests, passed. The pro­vi­sion for vil­lage forests still not im­ple­mented


Orissa Vil­lage For­est Rules passed un­der IFA to for­malise a so­cial forestry pro­gram in the state. The rules are drafted in such a way that all im­por­tant de­ci­sions re­main in the hands of rev­enue and for­est de­part­ments


Joint for­est man­age­ment (JFM) pro­gramme in­tro­duced in sev­eral states with the idea of shar­ing for­est ben­e­fits with com­mu­ni­ties. Ac­tivists de­mand that com­mu­nity rights un­der JFM be for­malised by declar­ing vil­lage forests un­der IFA. States do not act


Ut­tarakahnd for­mu­lates vil­lage for­est rules to in­clude for­est of­fi­cers in van­pan­chay­ats. As a re­sult, the

pan­chay­ats be­come in­ef­fec­tive


For­est Rights Act, 2006 (FRA) en­acted. It gives ab­so­lute au­thor­ity to gram sab­has over tra­di­tional com­mu­nity forests


Ma­ha­rash­tra Vil­lage For­est Rules for­mu­lated. Ac­tivists say it is passed to hin­der the im­ple­men­ta­tion of FRA

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