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Down to Earth - - LETTERS -

This is with ref­er­ence to the book re­view "Ex­tinc­tions, an epic re­al­ity" (Oc­to­ber 1631, 2014). The real threat to the planet is pop­u­la­tion ex­plo­sion. Ris­ing pop­u­la­tions with a fi­nite sup­ply of re­sources will de­stroy our way of liv­ing. We eat what­ever we can and move wher­ever we want to with min­i­mal con­cern for na­tive flora and fauna. Many species went ex­tinct be­fore man walked on Earth; but then it was evo­lu­tion and Dar­win­ism at play. Now it is dif­fer­ent. Ma­jor catas­tro­phes to­day—nat­u­ral dis­as­ters and cli­mate change—are due to hu­man in­ter­ven­tion. Mind­less hu­man ac­tiv­i­ties like in­dus­tri­al­i­sa­tion, de­for­esta­tion and min­ing are lead­ing to changes in the weather pat­tern, car­bon cy­cle and wa­ter lev­els. Many species of wildlife are al­ready on the brink of ex­tinc­tion. The in­fi­nite as­pi­ra­tions of hu­man­ity have to align with the fi­nite lim­its of our planet.


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