One Hun­dred Years of Servi­tude by Rana P Behal, Tulika Pub­li­ca­tions / ` 900

Down to Earth - - REVIEW -

THIS BOOK ex­plores a world where more than two mil­lion mi­grant labour­ers worked un­der con­di­tions of in­den­tured servi­tude in tea plan­ta­tions, pro­duc­ing tea for an in­creas­ingly prof­itable global mar­ket. It ex­am­ines the links be­tween the colo­nial state of Assam and the pri­vate Bri­tish cap­i­tal in fos­ter­ing plan­ta­tions in the val­ley. It also dis­cusses the na­ture of the "tea ma­nia" and its con­se­quences, which led to the emer­gence of the in­den­ture labour sys­tem in Assam's tea gar­dens. The book analy­ses the forms of their protests and ques­tions whether the trans­for­ma­tion of th­ese mi­grant agrar­ian com­mu­ni­ties work­ing in con­di­tions of un­free labour was pro­le­tar­ian in na­ture.

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