Re­silient to mass ex­tinc­tions

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wit­nessed five mass ex­tinc­tions which changed the face of life on the planet. But plants coped with th­ese events bet­ter than an­i­mals. The dif­fer­ence was most vis­i­ble dur­ing the Cre­ta­ceous-Pa­le­o­gene mass ex­tinc­tion, caused by the im­pact of an as­ter­oid off the Mex­i­can coast 66 mil­lion years ago. The event killed al­most all the dinosaurs, but had limited im­pact on plant di­ver­sity. Neg­a­tive rates of di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion (a sce­nario where more species die than are formed) never con­tin­ued for long pe­ri­ods for plants. Over 20,000 plant fos­sils were an­a­lysed dur­ing the study. New Phy­tol­o­gist, Jan­uary 26

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