Sleep loss means weight gain

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claimed for years that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. It has now been proved true. Not only does a sleep­de­prived per­son eat more, he/she also tends to eat more fat and less car­bo­hy­drates. It was thought that hor­monal dis­tur­bances were be­hind this, but a study says salience net­work, an area of the brain, is the key. The five-day­four-night study on 34 peo­ple, whose brains were mon­i­tored through MRI, found that sleep-de­prived sub­jects had an in­creased con­nec­tiv­ity in salience net­work. It has a key role in de­ter­min­ing re­sponses to hunger stim­uli. Sci­en­tific Re­ports, Fe­bru­ary 3

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