Ito dis­tin­guish be­tween sur­vival emis­sions from the cook stoves of T IS IM­POR­TANT the poor and luxury emis­sions from the suvs of the rich.While the poor need to be sup­ported with funds and poli­cies, the rich have to be taxed. The trans­port sec­tor is re­spon­si­ble for about 25 per cent of global black car­bon emis­sions,of which 20 per cent come from diesel.Par­tic­u­late air pol­lu­tion is one prob­lem that In­dia has been try­ing to curb for decades,but with lit­tle suc­cess.The health costs of air pol­lu­tion are quite high.More than 627,000 peo­ple die pre­ma­turely and 18 mil­lion healthy life years are lost ev­ery year in In­dia due to ill health caused by air pol­lu­tion. When cse started its “Right to Clean Air”cam­paign in 1999, diesel cars were only 2 per cent of new car sales and no one be­lieved cse’s fore­cast that their num­bers would ex­plode.But the trends in diesel use in the trans­port sec­tor since then have proved what cse has been say­ing all along.Ex­plo­sive in­crease in diesel ve­hi­cle num­bers,use of high-sul­phur diesel,out­dated ve­hi­cle tech­nol­ogy and ex­pan­sion in road-based freight traf­fic have added to lo­cal health risks as well as global cli­mate risks.

"More harm­ful than car­bon diox­ide"

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