Straw for green power

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This is with ref­er­ence to the ed­i­to­rial "Straw in the wind" (Fe­bru­ary 16-28, 2015). I agree that sur­plus straw, which is a valu­able re­source, should be put to far bet­ter use in vil­lages for ru­ral devel­op­ment. Anaer­o­bic di­ges­tion of crop residues pro­duces bio­gas and nu­tri­ent-rich ma­nure. The bio­gas can be used for power gen­er­a­tion in ar­eas that are not con­nected to the grid. This will boost eco­nomic ac­tiv­i­ties in the area. The ma­nure pro­duced can be used in the farms.

The tech­nol­ogy has been found sat­is­fac­tory at pro­to­type level with rice straw and a few other crop residues. What is re­quired to be done is to eval­u­ate the tech­nol­ogy by set­ting up large-sized demon­stra­tion plants in Pun­jab, Haryana and west­ern Ut­tar Pradesh, work out its techno-eco­nomic fea­si­bil­ity, in­clud­ing so­cial and en­vi­ron­men­tal ef­fects, and then pro­mote it in the re­gion. M SHYAM, DIREC­TOR, SAR­DAR PA­TEL RE­NEW­ABLE EN­ERGY RE­SEARCH IN­STI­TUTE,



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