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JACK­FRUIT IS highly nu­tri­tious. It is rich in vi­ta­min A and C, potas­sium, phos­pho­rus and cal­cium and iron. It has 10-12 per cent car­bo­hy­drate con­tent, 6-7 per cent pro­tein and 2-3 per cent fi­bre. It also con­tains an­tiox­i­dants such as flavonoids that pro­tect against can­cer, de­gen­er­a­tive dis­eases and age­ing, says Shyamala Reddy, as­so­ciate pro­fes­sor, biotech­nol­ogy depart­ment, Univer­sity of Agri­cul­tural Sciences, Ben­galuru.

A study pub­lished in the Cey­lon Med­i­cal Jour­nal in 2011 says that sugar lev­els show a sud­den dip when raw jack­fruit is con­sumed.

Raw jack­fruit has good amount of in­sol­u­ble fi­bre with low sugar, says J Kan­nampilly, di­a­betol­o­gist and di­a­betic foot spe­cial­ist, Lakeshore Hos­pi­tal, Kochi. It con­tains a healthy amount of sim­ple sugar like fruc­tose and su­crose that are easily di­gested by our bod­ies.

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