Energy cal­i­bra­tion

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SCI­EN­TISTS HAVE iden­ti­fied nerve cells that con­trol our energy bal­ance. They ex­am­ined sev­eral groups of neu­rons that ex­press a sub­stance called brain-de­rived neu­rotrophic fac­tor (BDNF) within a small brain re­gion. The study re­veals two dis­tinct types of BDNF neu­rons those that con­trol ap­petite or sati­ety and those that con­trol ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis (the abil­ity of cells to burn fat to pro­duce heat). They sug­gest that ac­ti­va­tion of each of these two pop­u­la­tions of neu­rons should pow­er­fully sup­press ap­petite or pro­mote energy ex­pen­di­ture. Cell Me­tab­o­lism, June 11

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