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IN­GRE­DI­ENTS Green soy­beans soaked overnight: 2 cups Freshly chopped gin­ger root: 3 tbsp Gar­lic cloves: 4-5 Black pep­per corns: 2 tbsp Cumin seeds: 2 tbsp Chopped co­rian­der leaves: 1/2 cup Green chilies and salt to taste Fer­mented whole wheat sour­dough: 2 kg Ghee to deep fry the bha­tooras; the sidu is served with some ghee on the side METHOD Make a coarse paste of the soaked green soy­beans and the other in­gre­di­ents. Add co­rian­der leaves to the paste and mix well. This paste should not be runny, so grind­ing on a stone mor­tar and pes­tle would be a bet­ter choice, if pos­si­ble, or use the pul­sat­ing mode of the grinder. To make bha­tooras, di­vide the dough into 60 gm por­tions. Take each por­tion and make a hol­low cup out of the dough. Place a ta­ble­spoon of the soy­bean paste in the cup and seal it. Now flat­ten the stuffed ball of dough and roll on a floured sur­face to make the bread flat. Re­peat to make more such breads. Deep fry the breads in hot ghee or oil and serve hot with chut­ney, raita, etc. To make the steamed bread sidu, roll a por­tion of the dough in a cir­cle of 10 cm di­am­e­ter. Spread a lit­tle soy­bean paste over it, fold the cir­cle like a book and seal it to make cres­cent shaped stuffed bread. Re­peat the process for all dough balls. Ar­range them in a steamer lined with lime leaves and steam. Serve hot with ghee.

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