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Com­mu­ni­ties are com­ing to­gether in Jhark­hand to cre­ate vig­i­lance mech­a­nisms to en­force food en­ti­tle­ment pro­grammes


FLalita and Kun­dan used IVE-YEAR-OLD to spend most of their day un­der a banyan tree in Pan­dan­berha vil­lage in Deog­arh dis­trict, Jhark­hand. There was no an­gan­wadi (child day care cen­tre) or a playschool for more than 90 chil­dren in the vil­lage. There were also 14 preg­nant and six lac­tat­ing moth­ers who were de­prived of an­gan­wadi fa­cil­i­ties.In Septem­ber 2013,mem­bers of the Gram Ahar Rak­sha Dal (gard) in the vil­lage ap­plied for an an­gan­wadi at the Deog­arh block of­fice. “This was our long­stand­ing de­mand. But for the first time, we knew what to do to over­come it,” says Kamdev Rai,a gard mem­ber,who, is Lalita’s mother.To­day,their r vil­lage has an an­gan­wadi.

Vil­lages in al­most all dis­tricts in Jhark­hand have formed a com­mu­nity-based mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem, gard, to en­force food en­ti­tle­ment sche-

BI­HAR Deog­arh dis­trict

GARD mem­bers have strength­ened the PDS

sys­tem in Jhark­hand

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