`Re-in­tro­duce Tas­ma­nian Devils in Aus­tralia'

Down to Earth - - THE FORTNIGHT -

A NEW study by re­searchers from the Univer­sity of New South Wales has ad­vo­cated re-in­tro­duc­ing the Tas­ma­nian Devil, a car­niv­o­rous mar­su­pial found only on the is­land of Tas­ma­nia, to the Aus­tralian con­ti­nent from where it was wiped off 3,000 years ago, prob­a­bly as a re­sult of con­flict with the dingo, the Aus­tralian wild dog which is the con­ti­nent's top land preda­tor. The au­thors feel that the rein­tro­duc­tion of the an­i­mal would make it the top preda­tor in the area and in turn, de­ter feral cats and foxes, in­tro­duced by Euro­pean set­tlers. This, in turn, would ben­e­fit smaller na­tive Aus­tralian wild an­i­mals, which have been pushed to the brink of ex­tinc­tion by the feral an­i­mals.


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