Fuel di­vide

The dis­par­ity be­tween ru­ral and ur­ban In­dia is glar­ing when one looks at the en­ergy sources used for cook­ing and light­ing. The 68th round of the Na­tional Sam­ple Sur­vey high­lights In­dia's en­ergy di­vide

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In­dia's pri­mary en­ergy sources for cook­ing

THE PER­CENT­AGE of ru­ral house­holds us­ing LPG as pri­mary cook­ing fuel has in­creased from about 5.4 per cent to 15 per cent be­tween 19992000 and 2011-2012. This was pos­si­ble be­cause the de­pen­dency on fire­wood and chips, which re­mains the largest cook­ing source in ru­ral house­holds, dipped by 8.2 per cent be­tween 1999-2000 and



Fire­wood and chips 2011-2012. In ur­ban house­holds, the de­pen­dence on kerosene saw a sub­stan­tial drop from 21.7 per cent cent fall. This has fur­ther pushed the use of LPG in ur­ban house­holds. About 68 per cent ur­ban house­holds use LPG in 2011-2012 as pri­mary cook­ing fuel source, which was 44.2 per cent 1999-2000.

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