Down to Earth - - REVIEW -

I wrote Re­cast­ingIn­dia be­cause I strongly felt that the en­tre­pre­neur­ial na­ture of the In­dian peo­ple, and in­deed of In­dian history, was sorely miss­ing in our con­ver­sa­tion. Where was the men­tion of peo­ple like Dwarkanath Tagore or Bhimji Parekh or even the House of Ja­gat Seth? And where was the fo­cus of mil­lions of en­trepreneurs who were fight­ing ev­ery­thing, from ter­ror­ists in Kash­mir to caste and so­cial stigma, like among do­mes­tic work­ers and man­ual scav­engers? Why is the nar­ra­tive of th­ese so­lu­tion-makers ab­sent from our pub­lic con­ver­sa­tion? This book hopes to bring that con­ver­sa­tion back to the fore­front of pub­lic dis­course in In­dia.

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