Squeez­ing light

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A TEAM of sci­en­tists has man­aged to squeeze in­di­vid­ual par­ti­cles of light. Squeez­ing creates a very spe­cific form of light which is "low-noise" and is po­ten­tially use­ful in tech­nol­ogy de­signed to pick up faint sig­nals, such as the de­tec­tion of grav­i­ta­tional waves. The re­searchers achieved this by shin­ing a faint laser beam on to an ar­ti­fi­cial atom, the quan­tum dot. This ex­cited the quan­tum dot and led to the emis­sion of a stream of in­di­vid­ual pho­tons which could be ob­served to see if it has been squeezed. Na­ture, Au­gust 31

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