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The Hawkin-Mil­ner Ini­tia­tive, as de­scribed in Is any­one out there? (16-31 Au­gust, 2015) by Rakesh Kalshian, is akin to an ant's ef­fort to grasp the ex­panse of an ocean. Such an ini­tia­tive holds no prom­ise for the fu­ture till its pro­tag­o­nists ap­pre­ci­ate the timemea­sure­ment dif­fer­ence be­tween the Earth's denizens and that of the ex­tra ter­res­tri­als (ETs). We mea­sure the dis­tance of stars in light years. So the time gap be­tween any two sig­nals may be many light years. Even if we de­vote our life­time in mon­i­tor­ing the sig­nals from the ETs, we may not get any­thing and con­se­quently may come up with ab­surd con­clu­sions which would mis­lead our fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. If at all we want to make con­tact with the ETs, we may have to es­tab­lish a base on some star, and such an idea at this junc­ture is far-fetched.




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