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RE­SEARCHERS HAVE un­cov­ered a trea­sure trove of pro­teins, which may hold an­swers as to how our heart pumps—a phe­nom­e­non known as con­trac­til­ity. The team iden­ti­fied more than 500 mem­brane pro­teins on the sur­faces of car­diac con­trac­tile cells, which are likely to have a crit­i­cal role in nor­mal heart func­tion. The pro­teins may also play a part in heart fail­ure and ab­nor­mal heart­beat pat­terns. The find­ings could help un­cover how heart dis­ease af­fects the sig­nal path­ways in our hearts. Na­ture Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Septem­ber 25

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