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There were some dra­matic mo­ments re­lat­ing to cli­mate change dur­ing my stay on the Amund­sen ice­breaker. One day in the morn­ing, chief sci­en­tist of the ship, David Barbed, an­nounced on the pub­lic ad­dress sys­tem that `all science ac­tiv­ity on the ice is be­ing can­celled. The ice is break­ing fast, so please re­turn to the ship'. It was rather an emer­gency an­nounce­ment and a direct re­sult of cli­mate change— ice was break­ing sooner than ex­pected in the Darn­ley Bay, where the ship was an­chored for an ice camp. Dur­ing such ice camps, sci­en­tists would go out of the ship onto the frozen Arc­tic sea to col­lect data and con­duct ex­per­i­ments. The sites for such camps were care­fully se­lected based on satel­lite im­ages, vis­ual in­spec­tions and re­con­nais­sance sur­veys by ex­perts. It was rare an

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