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AFIRST GLOBAL Na­ture, Novem­ber 23 HOW DO some fish species dis­ap­pear from preda­tors in the open wa­ters of the ocean? Sci­en­tists say some fish use mi­cro­scopic struc­tures called platelets in their skin cells to re­flect po­larised light, which al­lows the fish to seem­ingly dis­ap­pear from their preda­tors. Po­larised light is made up of light waves trav­el­ling in the same plane, such as the bright glare one some­times sees when sun­light re­flects off the sur­face of wa­ter. Un­der the sur­face of the wa­ter, light tends to be po­larised. The dis­cov­ery could help cre­ate more ef­fec­tive meth­ods of ocean cam­ou­flage. Science, Novem­ber 20

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